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“Chalk full of laugh out loud humor, supernatural intrigue, and some of the most engaging characters I’ve read to date! The Devil’s Triangle is a delightful romp through the realm of ‘Be Careful What You Wish For’! Filled with more twists than a Coney-Island pretzel this book is a laugh-a-minute page-turner you won’t want to put down till the jaw-droppingly brilliant end!” –Amazon Review

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The gang is back together again! And they don’t really want to be…

It’s been a year since the cruise and the Devil himself is back…with a few small requests. And some big ones, too. He says it’s business as usual–hiring Mickey and Catalina’s catering company for a big event and an even bigger check–but one thing is always certain: his ‘usual’ is distinctly not.

Join Mickey and crew as they prepare for the Devil’s big event while trying to figure out why he’s really throwing it.

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Real Housebirds Of Kansas: Character Guide

CAROL – Cardinal

Romantic interests: Linda

Sweet, loyal friend, bisexual queen, people (bird) pleaser, perpetual dieter, occasionally clingy, avoids drama like the plague, you should be stanning

Seasons – ALL

LINDA – Sparrow

Romantic Interests: Carol (current), Alan (ex-husband)

Independent but family-oriented, trouble always finds her, resting bitch face, total badass

Seasons – ALL

VICKY – Cardinal

Romantic Interests: Kanye (estranged)

Diva and drama queen, fierce AF, passionate, regularly starting shit, has been known to lemonade, definitely sasses everyone

Seasons – ALL

JANET – Robin

Romantic Interests: Kanye (current?)

Takes what she wants, doesn’t care for rules, total carnivore, loner and a rebel, clever and quick, pretty intimidating, might have killed someone…? No one really knows

Seasons – ALL

CHICA – Chickadee

Romantic Interests: Alan, everyone?

Thirty, flirty and thriving, beautiful voice, fashionable, creative, can be vain, good friend and enjoys company but also needs alone time at home, will fight when drunk

Seasons – ALL

WRENA – Fairy wren

Romantic Interests: Alan, Golderoy Flockhart

Hard-working but loves her down time, beach babe, single mom, gossip queen, small but mighty, no inside voice, not taking any shit, new girl on the block, cute and outgoing

Seasons – 2-CURRENT

ALAN – Sparrow, Linda’s ex-husband

KANYE – Cardinal, Vicky’s cheating estranged husband

GOLDEROY LOCKHART – Goldfinch I’ve seen three times, hangs at the pool with Wrena

BIG JAY – Blue jay, very large, very angry, yells at me, yells at everyone

OWL – I think that about covers it, right…

VICTOR (VICTORIA?) – Rabbit, assistant producer, totally fucking adorable


CREAMSICLE – known associate of Pussy Galore, also cat but not as evil

JOEY – Squirrel, annoying and belligerent

Strip Search: A Detective Russell Sampson Mystery

Standing in the parking lot of a strip club, staring at the dead breasts of a murder victim, all that Detective Russell Sampson could think about was how his cushy detective gig in upper class suburbia was about to turn into real work. In fact, prior to the stripper murder, all he really had to do was help rich housewives find their missing jewelry.

Though his sleuth skills are basically nonexistent, Sampson does manage to find a suspect—the stripper’s boyfriend. Sampson strikes a deal with the suspect’s fiancé, Marion, to help him with his investigation. Not sure if it’s his six-month dry spell talking or the fact that she is funny and gorgeous, but Sampson is immediately drawn to Marion, who could be a suspect herself.

Despite his lingering doubts about her innocence, she becomes both an invaluable resource and a major complication, as Sampson cannot tell anyone at the department about her or she will be arrested, and he will be in big trouble for breaking protocol and screwing up the investigation.

Though in over his head and thoroughly inexperienced, Sampson won’t give up until he solves the most twisted case he has ever investigated.

“It’s like Law and Order with lots of comedy added. Twists and turns that you won’t expect, and I promise you will laugh. The characters are unique and you get invested in them and their story early on. Fantastic novel.” – Amazon Five Star Review

The Grimm Palace Fairy Tale Retirement Community

Ever since I was a little girl, I thought that ‘true love’ was the key to ‘Happily Ever After’. You meet the man, you instantly fall in love, you get married…and everything is perfect as long as you’re alive. 

I was totally fucking wrong. Sure, my timeline of events took some pretty intense detours, but that only seemed to solidify my belief that since I had been cursed as a baby by a bitchy evil fairy to die on my sixteenth but then instead of dying fell into a spell-induced coma that could only be broken by a kiss from some rando dude, the bad shit was all done. I had been through enough. The rest of my life should have been smooth sailing after that shit, right?

Totally. Fucking. Wrong.

Princess Rosamind, known in the fairy tale world as ‘Sleeping Beauty’, is done with being a fairy tale princess.  So done, in fact, that she’s ‘retiring’ from her royal title to move to Grimm Palace to escape the public eye and try to recover from heartbreak after her husband Prince Florent leaves her for Cinderella . But upon arriving, one of the first people she encounters is Cinderella’s ex-husband, Prince Robert—better known as ‘Charming’.

Run-ins with Robert aren’t the only problem with her new home. Insomniac Rosamind starts to hear creepy chanting in the middle of the night, leading her to wander the halls of the vast palace at night in search of the source. Mustard, a talking dog with tons of attitude, can also hear the bone-chilling chants, and the two try to find the source during nocturnal exploration sessions.

During the daylight hours, Rosamind tries to learn more about herself, becoming less and less of the princess that people knew and Florent cheated on, and her changes—like attending poker night and taking up fencing—keep bringing her right back to the one man that reminds her the most of her past: Robert.

When demons start appearing in the halls of Grimm Palace and residents begin to disappear, Rosamind, Robert, and Mustard band together to find out which of their fellow community residents is responsible—and (hopefully) kick their ass…


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