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“Chalk full of laugh out loud humor, supernatural intrigue, and some of the most engaging characters I’ve read to date! The Devil’s Triangle is a delightful romp through the realm of ‘Be Careful What You Wish For’! Filled with more twists than a Coney-Island pretzel this book is a laugh-a-minute page-turner you won’t want to put down till the jaw-droppingly brilliant end!” –Amazon Review

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The gang is back together again! And they don’t really want to be…

It’s been a year since the cruise and the Devil himself is back…with a few small requests. And some big ones, too. He says it’s business as usual–hiring Mickey and Catalina’s catering company for a big event and an even bigger check–but one thing is always certain: his ‘usual’ is distinctly not.

Join Mickey and crew as they prepare for the Devil’s big event while trying to figure out why he’s really throwing it.

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