Real Housebirds Of Kansas: Character Guide

CAROL – Cardinal

Romantic interests: Linda

Sweet, loyal friend, bisexual queen, people (bird) pleaser, perpetual dieter, occasionally clingy, avoids drama like the plague, you should be stanning

Seasons – ALL

LINDA – Sparrow

Romantic Interests: Carol (current), Alan (ex-husband)

Independent but family-oriented, trouble always finds her, resting bitch face, total badass

Seasons – ALL

VICKY – Cardinal

Romantic Interests: Kanye (estranged)

Diva and drama queen, fierce AF, passionate, regularly starting shit, has been known to lemonade, definitely sasses everyone

Seasons – ALL

JANET – Robin

Romantic Interests: Kanye (current?)

Takes what she wants, doesn’t care for rules, total carnivore, loner and a rebel, clever and quick, pretty intimidating, might have killed someone…? No one really knows

Seasons – ALL

CHICA – Chickadee

Romantic Interests: Alan, everyone?

Thirty, flirty and thriving, beautiful voice, fashionable, creative, can be vain, good friend and enjoys company but also needs alone time at home, will fight when drunk

Seasons – ALL

WRENA – Fairy wren

Romantic Interests: Alan, Golderoy Flockhart

Hard-working but loves her down time, beach babe, single mom, gossip queen, small but mighty, no inside voice, not taking any shit, new girl on the block, cute and outgoing

Seasons – 2-CURRENT

ALAN – Sparrow, Linda’s ex-husband

KANYE – Cardinal, Vicky’s cheating estranged husband

GOLDEROY LOCKHART – Goldfinch I’ve seen three times, hangs at the pool with Wrena

BIG JAY – Blue jay, very large, very angry, yells at me, yells at everyone

OWL – I think that about covers it, right…

VICTOR (VICTORIA?) – Rabbit, assistant producer, totally fucking adorable


CREAMSICLE – known associate of Pussy Galore, also cat but not as evil

JOEY – Squirrel, annoying and belligerent