Strip Search: A Detective Russell Sampson Mystery

Standing in the parking lot of a strip club, staring at the dead breasts of a murder victim, all that Detective Russell Sampson could think about was how his cushy detective gig in upper class suburbia was about to turn into real work. In fact, prior to the stripper murder, all he really had to do was help rich housewives find their missing jewelry.

Though his sleuth skills are basically nonexistent, Sampson does manage to find a suspect—the stripper’s boyfriend. Sampson strikes a deal with the suspect’s fiancé, Marion, to help him with his investigation. Not sure if it’s his six-month dry spell talking or the fact that she is funny and gorgeous, but Sampson is immediately drawn to Marion, who could be a suspect herself.

Despite his lingering doubts about her innocence, she becomes both an invaluable resource and a major complication, as Sampson cannot tell anyone at the department about her or she will be arrested, and he will be in big trouble for breaking protocol and screwing up the investigation.

Though in over his head and thoroughly inexperienced, Sampson won’t give up until he solves the most twisted case he has ever investigated.

“It’s like Law and Order with lots of comedy added. Twists and turns that you won’t expect, and I promise you will laugh. The characters are unique and you get invested in them and their story early on. Fantastic novel.” – Amazon Five Star Review

Jessica Benoist-Young is a self-published author and freelance ghostwriter. She self-published the mystery comedy novel ‘Strip Search’ in 2015. The novel has found acclaim with readers for its witty characters and page-turning plot. In 2017, she published her second novel, 'The Devil's Triangle'. With her sister, Glee and Supergirl star, Melissa Benoist, Jessica is in the planning and proposal stages of a Young Adult Supernatural Fantasy novel they plan to write together. Jessica has also written over a dozen paranormal romance and fantasy romance novels over the last two years as a ghostwriter. When not writing, Jessica loves dancing, board games, stand up comedy, and many activities of the outdoorsy variety–gardening, hiking, skiing–and her bird-watching in her backyard led to the creation of the ‘live tweet show’ Real Housebirds of Kansas, a satirical online chronicle of bird feeder drama. She has been married for eleven years and has two sons and a giant ball of fur who poops in a box. She knows entirely too much about coffee and movies, and would really like to own a pet snake someday.

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