The Grimm Palace Fairy Tale Retirement Community

Ever since I was a little girl, I thought that ‘true love’ was the key to ‘Happily Ever After’. You meet the man, you instantly fall in love, you get married…and everything is perfect as long as you’re alive. 

I was totally fucking wrong. Sure, my timeline of events took some pretty intense detours, but that only seemed to solidify my belief that since I had been cursed as a baby by a bitchy evil fairy to die on my sixteenth but then instead of dying fell into a spell-induced coma that could only be broken by a kiss from some rando dude, the bad shit was all done. I had been through enough. The rest of my life should have been smooth sailing after that shit, right?

Totally. Fucking. Wrong.

Princess Rosamind, known in the fairy tale world as ‘Sleeping Beauty’, is done with being a fairy tale princess.  So done, in fact, that she’s ‘retiring’ from her royal title to move to Grimm Palace to escape the public eye and try to recover from heartbreak after her husband Prince Florent leaves her for Cinderella . But upon arriving, one of the first people she encounters is Cinderella’s ex-husband, Prince Robert—better known as ‘Charming’.

Run-ins with Robert aren’t the only problem with her new home. Insomniac Rosamind starts to hear creepy chanting in the middle of the night, leading her to wander the halls of the vast palace at night in search of the source. Mustard, a talking dog with tons of attitude, can also hear the bone-chilling chants, and the two try to find the source during nocturnal exploration sessions.

During the daylight hours, Rosamind tries to learn more about herself, becoming less and less of the princess that people knew and Florent cheated on, and her changes—like attending poker night and taking up fencing—keep bringing her right back to the one man that reminds her the most of her past: Robert.

When demons start appearing in the halls of Grimm Palace and residents begin to disappear, Rosamind, Robert, and Mustard band together to find out which of their fellow community residents is responsible—and (hopefully) kick their ass…


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Jessica Benoist-Young is a self-published author and freelance ghostwriter. She self-published the mystery comedy novel ‘Strip Search’ in 2015. The novel has found acclaim with readers for its witty characters and page-turning plot. In 2017, she published her second novel, 'The Devil's Triangle'. With her sister, Glee and Supergirl star, Melissa Benoist, Jessica is in the planning and proposal stages of a Young Adult Supernatural Fantasy novel they plan to write together. Jessica has also written over a dozen paranormal romance and fantasy romance novels over the last two years as a ghostwriter. When not writing, Jessica loves dancing, board games, stand up comedy, and many activities of the outdoorsy variety–gardening, hiking, skiing–and her bird-watching in her backyard led to the creation of the ‘live tweet show’ Real Housebirds of Kansas, a satirical online chronicle of bird feeder drama. She has been married for eleven years and has two sons and a giant ball of fur who poops in a box. She knows entirely too much about coffee and movies, and would really like to own a pet snake someday.

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